Frequently Asked Questions

We cover some of the basic questions to get you up to speed.

Do you have RV and Boat Storage?

Yes. If your RV or Boat is taking up too much real estate at home, or your family does not want your big toy parked in the neighborhood, don’t worry! Bethel Self Storage Park offers premium RV, Boat, or big item parking spaces at a convenient location. Don’t let a lack of space at home keep you from exploring everything the Pacific Northeast has to offer. Give yourself the freedom to explore the great outdoors on your terms with a little help from Bethel Self Storage Park. We also have spaces for your motorcycle or jet ski. Let us know what you need us to store for you.

What can a storage unit be used for?

People turn to self storage for all kinds of creative reasons. Below we address the questions people have about how and what they can use their storage unit for.

Can I live or sleep in a storage unit?

No. It is against the law to live in a storage unit. This comes down to liability reasons.

How does self storage work?

Storage facilities, like Bethel Self Storage, offer storage space (referred to as a storage unit or storage locker) on a month-to-month basis for you to rent when you need more space. With self storage, you move your belongings in and out and can access your belongings during the facility’s gate hours. When you no longer need the space, you just inform the location and move your belongings out of the storage unit.

Does Bethel Self Storage Park sell boxes and moving supplies?

Yes, we sell boxes sized small to extra large and specialty boxes such as TV boxes. We also sell full line of packaging and moving supplies.

Do you Sell locks?

Yes, but every customer who rents a unit at Bethel Self Storage Park get a free lock on move-in.